A while ago I got irritated how messy my i3 config file looked, and I researched alternative hotkey managers. I tried sxhkd and it is a fine piece of code. I got a much cleaner setup of the hotkeys and I could do stuff that i wasn’t able to do with i3.

But a couple of days ago, i realized that my i3 config could be just as clean as sxhkd by using variables . After this realization I moved all my hotkeys back to my new and improved i3 config file .

However i still use sxhkd for one single “hotkey”:

  xdotool key BackSpace 

This will make the ‘back button’ of my mouse, send a BackSpace via xdotool . Only time I would use the ‘back button’s back function is in a web browser, and many web browsers go back on backspace anyways (if they don’t, you can probably configure it to do so, if you can’t, you probably use the wrong browser.). So you don’t lose any functionality, and can now delete text with the mouse!

This is one of those things that once you start using it it’s hard to go back. When I am on a computer without this setting, I find myself going back instead of erasing text all the time, which can be very irritating..