Make Slides

In an earlier post I demonstrated how to center a block of text in a terminal. Here we continue to build on that script to create a slide deck.

Centered Terminal

The banners on this page is generated from the output from figlet. I found a fun way to create terminal “slides” when figuring out how to center the banners.

This Page

This page was created and designed from scratch by budRich 2019-2020. It is a Static site generated by Hugo . The ASCII-art banners are generated from the pipe: figlet -f 3d.flf "BANNER_TEXT" | lolcat -f | ansi2html. Where 3d.flf is a figlet-font created by xero . The brick wall background, is an svg file from Hero Patterns . Turbolinks is being used for clientside routing.


I am a default Swedish man. I have a background in mechanical engineering (CNC) and rock’n’roll lyfestyle. Currently I am mostly doing computer stuff and play Tetris (NES). I also made this, budlabs thing. I have a playlist on youtube called bra grejjer , mostly music videos I like. It is a good complement to this document when painting a picture of my identity. whatever™ || budRich February 2020


I created this simple Sublime Text package to get a simple syntax recognition for files where the syntax isn’t obvious. By simple i mean only recognize comments. The most common use-case is dotfiles. I also added symbols/(sections) definitions. So by adding >> SECTION NAME after a comment declaration you can easily go to different sections in the file. The package currently contains four syntaxes: # | ssHash ! | ssExcla // | ssDslash ; | ssSemi Install the package with PackageControl .

ass divided

I have divided i3ass in two repositories, i3ass and i3add (i3 additions). My thought is that i3ass will be a more serious set of tools. While i3add will be more experimental and can be seen as a showcase of uses for i3ass. I do use all i3add scripts in my personal, daily workflow. i3ass function i3var Set or get a i3 variable i3fyra An advanced simple gridbased tiling layout i3run Run, Raise or hide windows i3list List attributes of i3wm i3get Return information about i3wm i3flip Tabswitching done right i3add function i3cast Create and upload screen recordings i3Kornhe Resize windows by moving the corners i3minimize Minimize active window i3monocle Maximize active window i3zen Send windows to the zenter i3term Launch a command in a new urxvt window i3wswp Switch workspace and wallpaper Installation i3add will have a installation script similar to the old install.


A while ago I got irritated how messy my i3 config file looked, and I researched alternative hotkey managers. I tried sxhkd and it is a fine piece of code. I got a much cleaner setup of the hotkeys and I could do stuff that i wasn’t able to do with i3. But a couple of days ago, i realized that my i3 config could be just as clean as sxhkd by using variables .

swedish keyboards

when I was working as a technical support agent I received several calls from angry men who couldn’t find the @ symbol on the keyboard. When I explained that they had to hold Alt-Gr and pressing 2 at the same time, they exploded with anger and told me to tell the technicians to make a new keyboard layout! I explained it’s an old standard and agreed it was stupid, but that it would probably never change.


budlabs is the banner under which I, budRich , publish my various creations. I thought it would be a good idea to have a mock organization that’s more reliable and easier to understand then myself. It was a good idea. I had just read The Idea Factory when i named it, the name is a play on “Bell Labs”.