PAL Tetris Maxout

Jakegames, 15 years old. Done the impossible. Maxing out the PAL version of NES Tetris. But it’s done on an emulator with keyboard, so it doesn’t count as WR. But no one has ever been even close to this level, with or without emulator. The PAL version of tetris was considered impossible to max out due to it’s much higher speed difference after level 18 (PAL 19 is as fast as NTSC 29). PAL version do however have more generous DAS (delayed auto shift), making PAL 19 more playable then NTSC 29. But still maxing out demands inhuman concentration just to endure to a max out (the drop rate is about 1 level/frame, and the field is 20 levels high. and the frame rate is 60fps, so yeah, extremely fast). Impressive. Also Jakes aggressive and inventive playing style makes his games the most entertaining to watch, be it a world record or not.